Walking beside you in your medical journey.

The Mission

The mission of Fleur De Lis Nurse-Patient Advocacy is to help guide patients and family members/caregivers in easing the transition through challenging healthcare situations. Fleur De Lis is inspired by the iris flower, which represents wisdom, hope, trust, and valor.

What is a patient advocate?

A patient advocate is a professional who provides services to patients and their loved ones/caregivers to aid in navigating the complex healthcare continuum.

My Approach

I am here to advocate for the patient, especially when the patient is alone. My mission is to assist in navigating the healthcare system as you face health challenges. I can also guide you in preparing for the future, so there are fewer obstacles when the unexpected occurs. My goal is to help you understand the big picture of your medical journey and guide you in taking control of your health. Not only am I committed to integrity and transparency, but my approach is rooted in the 3Cs - Care, Compassion, and Collaboration, which is the foundation for person-centered and relationship-based advocacy.

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A Helping Hand

Services such as appointment scheduling and assistance with consultations or medical appointments.

Prepare & Enlighten

Services such as reviewing past medical history, evaluating and discussing medications, researching and educating on diagnosis, advising client on making informed decisions.

Support & Communicate

Services such as acting as a liason between patient and doctor, communicating and advocating for medical needs.


Susan McCoy, Ed.D., MSN-Ed., RN, BCPA

As a nurse and an educator, I have been fortunate to help others who are coping with a new diagnosis or end-of-life management and work with clients on preparing for healthcare emergencies before they become a crisis. My desire is to empower all individuals to have a voice, help meet their needs, and walk beside them through whatever their journey may be.


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