Providing individualized consultation, education, and resources to help navigate and understand challenging healthcare situations.


The stepping stones of our journey together

30 minute consultation

This is an initial phone or Zoom conversation to discuss the client’s needs and share what a nurse-patient advocate can do and determine if Fleur de Lis Nurse-Patient Advocacy can help.
30 min

Initial Assessment

This 2-3 hour in-person or virtual meeting reviews the client’s comprehensive health history, identifies concerns, establishes goals, and discusses next steps.
120 - 180 min
*Payment due at the assessment meeting

Ongoing Nurse-Patient Advocacy

Following the assessment, if the client would like to continue services, a retainer fee may be purchased. The client will identify how many hours to purchase in advance (ie. A 10-hour retainer would cost $1,500).

Please keep in mind the following:

What I CAN do

  • Serve solely as an informational resource
  • Help clients make informed decisions
  • Help clients access resources and will refer if the client’s needs are outside the scope of my knowledge

What I CANNOT do

  • Make any decision for or on behalf of a client regarding healthcare
  • Provide hands-on medical/nursing care
  • Diagnose or prescribe any medical/mental health treatment for clients
  • Prescribe medications
  • Provide transportation


  • Help find the right hospitals and medical providers (doctors, surgeons, etc.) and navigate getting second opinions
  • Assist in finding qualified rehabilitation, long-term care, home health, hospice, and palliative care services that meet the patient's needs
  • Help with the transition from hospital to home or skilled care facility
  • Coordinate care for the patient


  • Help the patient and family member/caregiver understand the diagnosis and treatment options
  • Communicate with medical providers
  • Help in relaying information from the medical visits and answer further questions
  • Meet 1:1 with patient, family, and caregivers to assess concerns


  • Prepare patient for doctor's appointments and accompany to the visit (or telehealth)
  • Take notes during doctor's appointments and provide the patient with easy to read format
  • Assist client in asking questions during their appointment time

Research and Educate

  • Research the diagnosis and treatment options
  • Educate patient and family/caregivers on diagnosis and treatment options
  • Assist client on the informed decision-making process

Medical History and Medications

  • Review medical reports in order to create a medical history timeline
  • Review patient’s medications and supplements


  • Act as a liaison between the patient, family members/caregiver, and medical professionals
  • Help connect patient/family members/caregivers with counseling services and support groups

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